Making The Decision To Quit My Job

Two years ago I had made the decision to quit the job that I had for nine years.  I noticed that for over 3 years that I had grown unhappy where I was at.

When I put in my resignation it was a little intimidating for me.  At the same time it was also one of the most exhilarating things I had done.  By putting in my notice I felt calm. I gave myself permission to do the things I had dreamt about.

So often we put so much energy in our jobs that the fear of change causes us to become stuck.

Prior to quitting I had run my private practice part time for six years.  I would work nights after my full time job, several nights a week.  I knew eventually my goal of working full time in my private practice would come true.

Being in a situation like changing your career, can be terrifying.  It can make you feel that you are going to make the wrong decision no matter what decision you make.   Sometimes it is good to put yourself outside of your comfort zone.  It can make you experience something you had never thought about before, or felt you deserved.

Make The Change In Your Career

I am grateful that I took the leap and decided to do my practice full time.  If I didn’t I wouldn’t have ever realized my potential. I also would not have experienced all the excitement that it has brought me so far.

Since my changes in my career, I no longer feel stuck.   The only regret that I have is I wish that I had listened to my voice sooner.

What Would You Like For Your Career Goals?

What dreams  do you have that you may have been afraid to act on, or to take the next step on?

What do you think would happen if you acted on your goals?

Don’t be afraid, to start small, and listen to your dreams.

Make An Appointment to Start The Change

If you have been thinking about career changes, but don’t know where to start contact me.  I have experience working with people in different aspects of their careers.