Have you ever wondered why you are putting off doing different things in your life? What purpose does it serve when you put things off instead of doing them immediately?

It may seem that putting things off and waiting till later reduces stress, and causes less anxiety.   Often times we will have a report or a project due with a specific due date.   Many of us feel the projects will be better left done till the day before the due date, and  put it aside until the week it is due.  Many times when the due date arrives, other projects, reports, or life has happened and what seemed like a good idea of waiting to do the project now can make you feel stressed.

You may feel that procrastinating is giving you the gift of more time, but is it really?   When you are staying up last minute to work on a project that you had a few weeks to complete, but are completing it in a night or two your stress will be amplified and  you  may notice you have anxiety.  People may go into a fight or flight mode when they are hurrying up to do the project that they have put off till the last minute.    The gift procrastination may be giving you is worry, anxiety and frustration.

If you are one that is prone to have procrastination tendencies perhaps you could start the project in chunks when you first receive it.  If we look at something, and see how many parts it may have it will seem less overwhelming and easier to accomplish.  If you are able to chunk out the project that you have and work on a little each week or day ,by time the due date comes you will have already finished or almost finished it.

Procrastination is something I have personally struggled with for years, and have found different methods to help me.  One of my favorite techniques is taking the project and thinking of it in chunks and trying to accomplish it that way.  I find if I look at a project or a task as a large sum I will get overwhelmed and may not want to start it.  If things are broken down it is easier to start, and to see the end goal.

I believe that procrastination is something that you are able to overcome, and you will see that you have more space in the day and you actually feel clearer, because the dread of the upcoming project or task is not something you have to think about.