My Approach


Be Well Within Counseling and Coaching uses a variety of holistic and open counseling methods to customize the right path for you.

Once the appointment is scheduled
, you will receive a link to fill out all the paperwork online via the webportal.  Having the paper work filled out prior to our appointment allows me to have an insight into your current challenges, so that I will be prepared prior to our initial appointment.

At our first appointment, time will be spent listening to you and your concerns, and the reasons you chose to come to therapy at this time.  Whether you choose to share everything on your own, or prefer to be asked questions, it is completely up to you.  Everything in this process is client driven as much as therapist driven, and you are encouraged to share as much or as little as you’d like.

After the initial appointment, we will begin our journey of healing and achievement.  There are times that I like to assign a form of homework to my clients when I feel it is applicable for growth and insight outside of sessions.  Other times, there may be gentle guidance and recommendations for moving forward.  The therapeutic process is a course that you control and I am here to help along the way.