Areas of Concentration


Telehealth Counseling

I offer online video distance counseling for residents of Florida. Please read my frequently asked questions under the telehealth tab to learn more about how to start using telehealth counseling with me.

Video distance counseling allows for clients to have their sessions in the comfort of their own home, or during lunch breaks at work through a link on their phone.  Learn More


Business Counseling/ Coaching

Helping you to recognize life goals, creating plans of action, all with accountability and gentle guidance


Compassion Fatigue

For caregivers and social service workers for those who are ill (including spouses, family members, friends, nurses, doctors, veterinarians, and the alike); discovering personal coping tools and positive therapies for working with ill patients and loved ones



Whether something specific such as the loss of a job, stressful job, family issues, relationship concerns, or everyday worries resulting stress or sadness, therapy can help bring calm and hope back into your life. In tension and even panic attacks; bringing calm and hope back to one’s life


Fears and anxieties; working through the unknown in a positive and relaxed way


Substance Abuse

Such as with alcohol, prescription medication, and drugs; gaining a sense of self without dependency


Family Dynamics

Acceptance, anger, hurt, loss, and communication; helping families work together to get through life challenges


Counseling for Women

Helping women find life work balance in a calm and accepting atmosphere


Grief and Loss

Helping you work through the stages of grief, and to help you heal from your loss