Telehealth Counseling


Telehealth Counseling in Florida

I offer online video distance counseling for residents of Florida. Please read my frequently asked questions to learn more about how to start using Telehealth counseling with me.

Telehealth  counseling allows for clients to have their sessions in the comfort of their own home, or during lunch breaks at work through a link on their phone.


Frequently Asked Questions About Telehealth Counseling

Tell me more about Telehealth Counseling and how it works.

Video and phone sessions allow you  to have a therapy session from the convenience of your home or other private place. Telehealth is therapy without dealing with long drives, traffic or taking time off of work. Phone sessions are available for your convenience. For online video sessions,  I use which is a HIPPA compliant and very easy to use.  You will receive a link with your appointment reminder that will help you connect to Theranest.  Then, using your laptop, desktop, or your phone, you can log in around the time of your appointment and we can see and hear each other through video and type through chat.


Can I use my Insurance for Telehealth Counseling?

That depends on your individual plan.  Some plans cover online counseling via phone or video.  To know if you are covered through insurance with your plan, please check with your insurance plan. If video sessions are covered, I can bill your insurance company for them.

What are the benefits of telehealth counseling ?

There are many benefits to having your session through video or phone, but the greatest of these is convenience.

  • Convenience means you can be in the comfort of your own space, no loss of time due to traffic, transportation problems, or physical mobility limitations.
  • Convenience also means not missing work or family responsibilities when time demands are crucial.
  • Many patients prefer this method for the ease, accessibility, economics, and convenience.
  • It’s perfect for busy professionals, stay at home parents and caregivers, and homebound clients, also.
  • Online mental health video interactive platform greatly expands access to psychological and counseling services that without technologies would not be available to many people.